My Story

Hi, I’m Sara Kalke.

I am a real estate coach, speaker, entrepreneur, real estate agent, mom, adventurer.

I’m on a mission to bring clarity, courage, and hope to everyone I meet.

My Story

I was born and raised in Edmonton Canada, a medium-sized city with a big heart and very cold winters. I started in the real estate industry completely by accident, as a front desk receptionist in a summer job, and I’m proud to have created a highly respected real estate practice recognized at the top of my brand and industry.

Through my unique systems and strategies, I help home owners, home buyers, and now real estate agents identify your dreams and get results.

How Do You Do It?

I often get asked how I sell so many homes as an individual agent, yet still have a well-rounded personal life.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved solving problems. My mom describes the daily occurrence of me opening my eyes very wide and saying excitedly “I know!” and then coming up with another string of ideas to solve whichever puzzle was on my mind.

I’m a lover of learning. At some point in my life, I have earned money or titles: wall climbing, performing classical music, building outbuildings, and horseback riding. However, I truly found my stride in the real estate industry.

I started in real estate as a home staging consultant and client care specialist. My company helped hundreds of sellers prepare their homes for sale with my value-added home staging, professional photography, and focused marketing. Often sellers would list their homes just based on my photography and marketing skills.

After many years, hard work and late nights in the office, my family and friends kept asking me if I could help them buy or sell their homes. So, I decided it was time to provide the level of service I had grown a reputation for, and have been a real estate agent ever since.

As business grew, my team grew along with it, and the staff I have are all naturals at creative solution building. Together, we leverage our individual strengths and support each other so we can provide exceptional service and exceptional results, with a culture that supports all of our individual passions.

What I Believe

I believe that every challenge has a solution, and that the best solutions come from our hearts. I run all of my endeavours from my heart, guided by creativity and careful planning.

Real estate sales, real estate coaching, and speaking to agents are all huge responsibilities which I take to heart very deeply.

My goal is communicate with empathy, act with efficiency, and solve challenges with creativity and clarity.


These beliefs, years of determination and hard work, plus the support of my incredible team, clients, and colleagues, have led to some pretty exciting results.

I have been invited to share my processes internationally at masterminds, conferences, in local media and on podcasts to some of the most respected real estate professionals in the world. That includes the top teams at RE/MAX in both Canada and the United States, the #1 real estate podcast in the world, and owners of some of the most productive and innovative brands and operations.

From all of the people in my life, I continue to learn and grow every day and am excited for the new puzzles and challenges ahead.

My formal bio for speaking gigs is found HERE.